Tuesday, 2 September 2008

ROLO TOMASSI 12" 10/04/07

DLPR003 limited to 330.

Official release date was 02/03/07 at Rolo Tomassi's show at Rock City, Nottingham.
Very pleased to have some out, they are causing lots of trouble though. Which has resulted in the budget being blown, and them costing a lot more per unit, so price has risen to £10, which I don't think is at all unreasonable, for the work gone into them and how lovely they are..( if i do say so myself).

Batches are being made slowly but surely.. i have not long made it past the three hundred remaining mark!

I will be a screen print demon at the end of this project!

After this I have one potential release, which will be totally amazing if it happens - and will be on tape, then that's it for at least a year.

(she says).

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