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Monday, 5 July 2010



Limited to 100
Hand screened & numbered gatefold case + inlay
Art work drawn by the wonderful Louise Pomeroy

Track Listing:
1. Gin Phantoms
2. What's really in an infernal machine?
3. So...? Horror Show
4. Sell Yourself
5. An Invocation of...
6. Blow up the Embassy
7. Secret/Bonus track

& our bestest buddies at Holy Roar Records say this
"The debut ep from Guilty Parents is finally here. After a lengthy gestation period the band have released this via Danger Lazer Phaser Razor Records.

Musically the band say they are influenced by "Die Kreuzen, Make-Up, COC, Mummies, Bad Form,
Bad Seeds, Flag, Sonics, Penetraiters, Poison Idea, Gories, Murder City Devils, Gun Club..." - i'm a fucking idiot though, so i'll just say this is no pretension, ultra rock'n'roll with a fucking punk as fuck heart. Its the tightest sloppy lo-fi rock band ever. For real - this dichotomy exists within this band.

They have already played with Part Chimp, Souvaris, Lovvers, Male Bonding, Army of Flying Robots, Crocodiles, Ramming Speed, An Albatross and Limp Wrist, which is cool!"

Monday, 17 May 2010

Boat To Row - Crossroads EP Limited cassette

Boat to Row - Crossroads EP
Limited to 100 white cassettes with hand crafted packaging.
+ digital down load of all tracks!

Art work by Sarah Abbott aka Watersounds
Co- release with DLPR Records and Ondryland.

1. Higham Hill
2. A book, a bike, a joy
3. Flawed equation
4. Night the Owl Slept
5. Crossroads

Boat To Row Cassette.. process

First batch ready to be delivered to Mike, ready for the launch show in Brimingham

chop chop colour coordinated making

err je suis un le la finito!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Boat to Row is due!

Boat to Row's Limited Edition cassette out on DLPR Records (with On Dry Land) is out tomorrow!

They are looking gorgeous, with art work from the wonderfully lovely Sarah Abbot http://sarah-abbott.blogspot.com/

Be the first to get a copy tomorrow night in Birmingham, at the peggy Sue show where Boat To Row are supporting.

Cassettes will be available to order online soon.. as will extra BTR merchandise!

Sunday, 27 December 2009


Photo Kirk Harrington

2010 will also see a great recording from Boat To Row being released on limited cassette.

All art work will be silk screened. DLPR is very excited about working with Boat To Row and lots of ideas have been floating between the two camps. Watch this space! We are going to town!


Guilty Parents - Nottingham three piece playing sleazy gritty punk slime garage.

GP's first release will be a CD x 100

The first track available to buy was on Holy Roars Christmas Compilation tape 2009.


Check myspace.com/guiltyparents for sneak peak tracks and shows!

Friday, 28 August 2009

Fifty Screen printed cases for Holy Roar's release LIVIMORKET - 'Dark Totality'

BUY HERE - http://holyroarrecords.bigcartel.com/product/livimorket-dark-totality-album-preorder

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Designed by Steve Fessy, www.insearchofsalavtion.co.uk.
Screen printed by Michelle Wood.
Limited to 30.
Get in touch if you want one.

BACK PRINT 10/04/07

This is the back print for the second batch of records, the first version didn't work out how I wanted.
This one is a lot better.. Probably will tweak it a little for the next batch too.

There are also some test prints with red backgrounds this batch, as I'm having a proper nightmare with getting ANY grey card/paper en masse. Total nightmare.

ROLO TOMASSI 12" 10/04/07

DLPR003 limited to 330.

Official release date was 02/03/07 at Rolo Tomassi's show at Rock City, Nottingham.
Very pleased to have some out, they are causing lots of trouble though. Which has resulted in the budget being blown, and them costing a lot more per unit, so price has risen to £10, which I don't think is at all unreasonable, for the work gone into them and how lovely they are..( if i do say so myself).

Batches are being made slowly but surely.. i have not long made it past the three hundred remaining mark!

I will be a screen print demon at the end of this project!

After this I have one potential release, which will be totally amazing if it happens - and will be on tape, then that's it for at least a year.

(she says).

new badges 20/02/07

Got these today..

to go with new record.

DLPR! 20/02/07

Danger! Laser! Phaser! Razor! a bloody mouthful but I stick true to the gem. (props to Vicky and Helen, joint founding members..!)

Had a blinding start, in June 2005 - 200x rolo tomassi tapes (http://www.rolotomassi.tk)
100Black/100White/hand screened/sewed/numbered paper cases

Last 40 or so in fabric screened cases.. mainly black tapes. (this feels like a very long time ago)

Then the Trencher/Esquilax split tape in 2006 (limited to 120 copies)
Featuring Trencher's John Peel Session March 2005. Very pleased to be able to put this out. (original version on 10" Black Vinyl)
Death metal logo by Mr Tom Warner, aptly at Earache Records.

Currently in the works Rolo Tomassi's 12", blue Transparent vinyl. Artwork drawn by Liam Sparks (trencher drum magicain), lay out, etc and printing by me, (see also: throw myself in at the deep end/big steep expensive but brilliant learning curve).

hottttt, if i do say so myself. (limted to 330 copies)

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Cult of Luna Gatefold and Poster for Earache

100 Limited screen printed gatefold records.
100 Limited posters for Cult of Luna's Eternal Kingdom

works in progress

-Gramercy riffs limited show poster. limited to 30.

-The screen where most of the RT records have come from...

Rolo Tomassi Record. A batch in progress, waiting to have the last layer printed. Orginal colour way.

Monday, 16 June 2008