Tuesday, 2 September 2008

DLPR! 20/02/07

Danger! Laser! Phaser! Razor! a bloody mouthful but I stick true to the gem. (props to Vicky and Helen, joint founding members..!)

Had a blinding start, in June 2005 - 200x rolo tomassi tapes (http://www.rolotomassi.tk)
100Black/100White/hand screened/sewed/numbered paper cases

Last 40 or so in fabric screened cases.. mainly black tapes. (this feels like a very long time ago)

Then the Trencher/Esquilax split tape in 2006 (limited to 120 copies)
Featuring Trencher's John Peel Session March 2005. Very pleased to be able to put this out. (original version on 10" Black Vinyl)
Death metal logo by Mr Tom Warner, aptly at Earache Records.

Currently in the works Rolo Tomassi's 12", blue Transparent vinyl. Artwork drawn by Liam Sparks (trencher drum magicain), lay out, etc and printing by me, (see also: throw myself in at the deep end/big steep expensive but brilliant learning curve).

hottttt, if i do say so myself. (limted to 330 copies)

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